Representatives from the CMF made a second trip to Beirut in November 2021, to assess the effectiveness of the aid programs after a year of efforts. Every program has been a success and the deep thankfulness of the people of Beirut was evident. Other than a few paperwork errors, our network has functioned without fail, delivering almost $20,000,000.00 USD in medical and humanitarian relief.

While in Lebanon, members of the CMF met with Directors and Staff of U.S. Aid at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The meeting was to identify U.S. Aid programs that are in line with our efforts. We were well received and have found a program that we will be able to utilize in the Education sector of our efforts. We are thankful for their time and support.

All items that have been sent via trans-ocean shipment or air freight have arrived in great condition. Most aid has been already delivered to the patient or facility in need. Desperately needed food and medicines have impacted tens of thousands of lives, easing their pain and despair. In addition, the feeling of hope is increased with every donation that they receive from us.