Medical relief means more than compassionate care. At the Catholic Medical Foundation (CMF), we’ve worked for more than 25 years in war-torn and destitute regions to provide medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and training. We’ve also conducted medical evacuations, arranged medical care for children with disabilities, supported wellness education, and offered school supplies to local communities and refugee camps.

Serving anyone and everyone, our all-volunteer team continues to show that hope and healing are possible. Learn how we’ve used your contributions to rebuild medical infrastructures and offer humanitarian aid around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the original program of the Catholic Medical Foundation, our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been extensive, including supplying ambulances and millions of dollars of pharmaceuticals. We opened dialysis centers, birthing clinics and makeshift hospitals. We also supported the children of the refugee village with educational materials and a school bus.


Improving the infrastructure of medical systems and training doctors can be just as vital as sending supplies. In Croatia, we helped establish a heart surgery program, offered modern orthopedic services, coordinated a surgeon exchange and training with U.S. doctors, provided medical equipment like pediatric ventilators, and supported the women’s center in Zagreb.


Providing services and supplies in refugee camps has unique challenges, especially given the number of needs to be addressed. In Kosovo’s refugee camps, we brought in medical and educational supplies, promoting health and wellness to mothers. We also offered sports equipment for children so that they could play outside.


The CMF medical team ventured into the jungles outside of Manilla to provide healthcare to women and children, as well as conduct emergency surgeries to these remote populations. Our work also included wellness training for mothers to help improve health outcomes for babies.


One of the more dangerous and critical program areas, the Catholic Medical Foundation served the people of Sudan in a number of ways, such as flying in medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, setting up clinics, and providing nutrition education.


Economic collapse can be as damaging to communities as a military conflict. In Siberia, we visited hospitals that were destitute and in dire need of medical supplies. The CMF team secured pharmaceutical donations and delivered essential equipment. We also brought pediatric medicines, school supplies, toys and athletic equipment for the orphans of Krasnoyarsk.


One of the tragic outcomes of the Rwandan Civil War was immense pressure on the country’s orphanages. We collaborated with an orphanage run by the Catholic Church by shipping the crucial supplies they needed to care for a growing number of children.