When civil war broke out in Bosnia in 1992, Dr. Christopher Chapman and his wife Judith were on a pilgrimage in the town of Medjugorje. The assistance that they received from local people was critical to their safe passage. It was the first of many signs that God was calling them to serve. 

The Chapmans returned to Bosnia more than two dozen times to bring medical supplies to the devastated region, and they soon found that other like-minded people wanted to get involved, too. The Catholic Medical Foundation (CMF) was established as a nonprofit in 1994 and has continued to grow over time with the contributions and expertise of church institutions, medical professionals, corporate partners and other supporters around the globe.

Our Mission and Calling

The CMF works to provide medical and humanitarian aid and services to vulnerable populations in areas of the world where there is a desperate need due to war, civil unrest, economic collapse and natural disaster. We’ve run successful programs in seven countries, and our current initiative in Lebanon supports Beirut hospitals and schools dealing with the challenges of poverty and the August 2020 port explosion.

At the core of our mission is faith in God and the belief that He has purposefully called us to this work—first in Bosnia and then again and again as opportunities arise for us to serve. Our programs are open to all, and we welcome the chance to help anyone in need, regardless of their beliefs.

A Personal Touch

From the beginning, we’ve been a volunteer-run nonprofit with no overhead expenses. The CMF is fortunate to draw on the skills, knowledge and generosity of countless individuals and organizations, for which we are immensely grateful.

Our community of supporters has enabled us to develop close relationships and strong networks in the U.S. and the places we work around the world. Unlike other aid organizations, we take a hands-on, non-institutional approach to international relief work—including the personal delivery of medical supplies and equipment.

“Since I came in contact with the Chapmans, I am a lot better, you know, calm in my mind. They are wonderful people. They are full of understanding. People who haven’t had troubles, you think can’t understand. But it isn’t true.”

Branka Smeljrenrc, Bosnian mother whose son received care with help from CMF

Contact Us

The Catholic Medical Foundation is based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. For questions and more information, call 610-317-2648 or send a message to cathmedfd@aol.com.